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What is Love The 904?

It started with a mural. We became inspired by the idea of a page dedicated to our city. We believe in Jacksonville. The local business owners and artists are what makes our city so unique! Our page is going to be dedicated to the people who were brave enough to open a business during a pandemic, the single mom that keeps her shop running to support her kids, and all the countless other stories of small business owners in our area.

So what is Love the 904? It's a love letter to our city and the people striving to make it better every day. Stay tuned for features on local businesses, artist and mural spotlights, and even some special events designed to bring our community together.

We are giving out Love 904 stickers free to any one that wants one! Either visit us in person at 3568 St Johns Ave to get yours in person and take a picture with the mural, or message us and we will send you one to your address!

// Love the 904

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